Fire lit night, communion white, wine tree sunk, deep barrel drunk. Dragon moon my other sight, moth wing giftings, holy ghosts alight. 
A lively 16”x20”, “WineTree” is an original acrylic painting on a thick profile stretched linen canvas that is coated with a clear gesso so the sides are the lovely shade of neutral light brown, the color of the natural linen, instead of the typical white of coated cotton canvas. The edges are melted around with plenty of drips and puddles of acrylic paint that make the art seem as if it really did not care a bit that is should have maybe stayed on the canvas, as it explores past its boundaries and onto the surrounding wall. A warm red and orange fiery tree explodes across the canvas, and cradles a textured creamy white sharp swirling dragon moon, danced about with swirls of faerie moth wings and mystic star lights. Signed with my first name in the bottom right hand corner and also signed and dated on the back, from 2014.