What grace holds the loveliness of a face that lies beneath one’s skin? 
Does a symphony dance spaciously around a room arresting hearts, beckoning tears, with hidden colors shapes and heart-strung movements; if one did, what would it look like? What does music taste like? How many heartbeats cry out unknown and unheard, strong enough to carry you on, though you never hear. Walk along the edge of the waters glowing with me for these moments and lift the lapping veils away to see whats hidden underneath. What is spirit? How does a laugh appear, swirling out a precious child’s small mouth, and is a child’s mouth really small at all, or is it grand as canyons, spouting waterfalls of silly?  
When the steam flows out from round the lips of porcelain teacup mornings, what says the sigh, when air takes shape in curves, is that what essence means? Scarves lose hands and find their freedom wisping their away in layered winds, all twirls and intertwines like hands that greet and find lost loves for the first time again. Is that moment all it means to open time and glimpse eternity? We open wide our eyes to walk and follow life’s sublime artistry with awe. 
The empty space fills in between brave fingers dancing into the story.You can find art for the first time, but we all know what it means. The truth is hidden so deep, it may take years to speak and but a moment to comprehend its complexity. I find it here in sweet simplicity, swirling the greatest joy about me. Years themselves and honest humble hands have taught me all they know, because this grown passion I'm reaching out to on each canvas is much a mirror to me. 
Out from the dust of distant stars we came, a mix of cosmic pigments as we are art itself, chasing our eyes thru the green expanse of the newest  possibilities that rest aching in each canvas. Bless me and my artwork fine with moments while you are here and find yourself enthralled with each new captured scene, our wine chalice bodies filled and overflowing with all life and artistry have to give and bless us with. Both before time began and to the ends of our rainbowed hands and days, I hope this work encourages you to capture what lies beyond, to look deeper and go further. To dive headlong and blissful into the mystery– it is answering the question itself as riddles often do. This work is surrendering before you great treasure, if you'll take the time to find and look for all thats hidden sweet inside your eyes taking. 

My name is Abi Murray. Hi! Its amazing you are here to view my artwork. I have been a passionate painter since my young adulthood. I have had some schooling with oil paints, but all of the work you will find here is done with acrylic, the medium that chose me. I have taught myself how to paint with acrylics over the years in lots of joy, unfolding and exploring the nature of the paint itself, which I feel has a great effect on how the art forms, simply made and deceptive in its complexity. I've learned to trusts the colors as I enter into the process, and, in the most mystical of experiences,  the art essentially makes itself, trailing me along for the ride like a child with a golden thread of knowing tied round a lion's paw. 
 I am so grateful you are here to view my work. I hope you enjoy all this site has to offer in showcasing my artistry. I am currently living and creating in Austin TX. In the next few months expect  new artwork often posted here, as I am devoting more time to art now I plan to introduce new work often.
If you have interest in owning a particular piece from the site, SEND ME A MESSAGE AT: 
 I will soon get back with you with pricing. I also sell various sizes of high quality prints of the work featured here, please send me a message if you have interest in owning a print and I will be happy to work with you to get your favorite art piece to you in the form of a high quality art print as an alternative to an Abigailia Original. Thank you so much for your time spent!