Richly dressed and standing proud, candle fruited orange tree twist his way around the evening wind, branches dancing sweetly in the rustling breeze.
"Twilight Orchard" is a lovely 20”x20” square original satin finish acrylic painting done on a thin depth canvas. Theres loots of melting paint around the edges of the piece push the art out of the “box” of what it could be into something more entirely. The colors in this one seem quite vintage to me, varied shades of turquoise and acidic green, bright sunshine orange and pale 80’s kitchen yellow. The scene unfolds in a juicy bit of excitement, oranges bring our eyes to life. I’ve used a tiny bit of a thicker paint for the fruits so they stand up and off the canvas. Signed on the front in the bottom corner with my full name, and signed and dated on the back, from early 2015.