Rain me a sea of laughing, newborn otters and dragons passing. Giggles and sighs all gather round us balancing their sunshine teacups. Pour me the ocean like a daydream. This ones gonna be a giddy eye-full, get the noontime butter honey.
"RainSea Because I Want To" is the extra long and perhaps a bit extravagant title for this swirly beauty of a painting, for days when you realize you've power quite enough to turn the rain sideways and take a swim in a mighty body of water. Make yourself an Alice! Alice did! 
This 20"x20" wildly painted original acrylic is has a high gloss finish and is rich and deeep, refreshing and enveloping. Done on a thin profile stretched canvas, with a watery ton of liquid dripping puddles who joyfully weep at finding themselves cried all round the edges of who they are, as they very intimately acquaint themselves with the kind shoulders of your wall! Signed and dated on the back, from early 2015. Done at the same time and with the same batch of paint colors as "Petals" though to look you might not tell, she was done right after this one so her hues are a bit more muted.