Patience caresses dream filled ether softly, weaving careful colors this way, that. Waiting is a game that seems forever. Gather temperance in glowly lanterns, glass hour jars fill fast, light maiden. He'll ride in strong, eventually, and last. 
"Patience" is another one of my favorites. She's 11"x14", an original acrylic painting done on a thin profile stretched canvas. This one has an organic feel to her surface, I mixed the paint a bit quick and the so the air around her is thick with ether bubbles that give her a natural but somehow otherworldly feel. This one has a glowing satin finish. I drink in the hidden hints of sky and dramatic shadows, ofset by candy oranges, pale and darker violet pinks, lemon yellows and comforting cocoon whites. Her edges round the drips of rainbow paint are done up fancy in black and she is signed with my first name on the front in the lower corner, and signed and dated on the back, an older piece.