Precious gem aflame, whisper sweet your sacred name. No, love, I'll not tell, wise lips forever seal this burning swell. Trust me, when the night winds swirl brave round her and her heart glows bright you’ll understand, though dark is sometimes deep the light is stronger still; all will be well. 
"Jewel Fire" is a lovely 9"x12" original acrylic painting with a satin finish. When measured with the overall dimensions including the drips of paint that flow gracefully off of the canvas and onto the surrounding wall when it is hung, the piece measures about 12”x15.5". Signed and dated on the back, it is a very recent piece, from summer 2015. I am captured by the  simple sweetness of this one, it holds an intensity like a gemstone or bonfire I think, gentle and sensual, timeless and fierce, like romance.