Bright sight, you light candle fire deep inside, held so tight within my minds eye. Tunnel honey comb hives here, the bees and orchids sigh and thrive within this garden blithe. The fiery bluebird of my heart trails one lost feather as she lifts away into the noon sky, lost like Noah’s dove and lifting like a diamond kite into your eyes.
This one’s lovely name is “Feather”, she’s an 18”x24” medium sized original acrylic painting done on a thin profile stretched canvas and has a beautiful shiny high gloss finish throughout. I love the tongues of fire that fill the atmosphere around her, our white dressed character, she stands bright and filled with longing, her wide eyes to the candy colored sky, a single pink feather drifting down her cheek. I love the hot mid after noon hues that filll the air around her, they pair nicely with the glossy finish to make this a happy piece to look into.