I wonder what you’re dreaming, where your spirits wandering, what the landscapes seeming... underwater, in the air? Lying in the darkly firefly grasses? Trapped, found someplace strange, familiar? Wandering alone again, loosed mind vast as the bright night sky.
I adore the subtle intricacies of this piece, the delicate creamy light the swirls round the paleness of her face, and the webly white light echoing away into the night surround. "Dreamer" is sweetly formed on a 6”x6” square thick profile canvas, a lovely pearlescent finish with lots of paint drips and puddles the make her seem quite organic, as if she sleepily is melting onto the wall. This one, due the the smaller space, has a quite simple colorway that lends an elegant feel which compliments the subject matter beautifully. Bright whte, varying shades of blue, cream, silver, and a blissful state of grassy green like the dreams themselves that hold happy highlights round her eyes.