Great wind, I wish the hidden stars that grace your skyfilled wings would lift me sky. You pour me time with honey be sweet, soothe my mothing throated sighs and whys. You breathe so deep like someone honest watching over me tonight.  
“Dream”, a glorious 24”x30” satin finish masterpiece of a painting. Done on a heavy duty style thicker depth of canvas, its deep sides are dripping and puddled with rainbow colors that bring the artwork off the surface and onto the surrounding wall. The colors in this piece are rich, deep, and magical. It is a very active dreamscape, full of movements of all sorts, mesmerizing, captivating, giddy. While I was painting this one the thinned out paint was often dripping off my gloves and I let it drip, so there are lots of tiny skies hidden here are there filled with rainbow planets, moons, satisfied black holes and soapbubbles filled to brim with children’s summer giggles. She’s balancing a bowl in her left palm, herbal tea I think, contents imaginable.