A lotus petal mind can’t help but shine, Claire walks tea scented paths thru gardens fine and paints her dreams today with glassy pearls wide wake. Sweeten up your stars, sunshine your moonlit skies, even a simple pond, to dragonflies, can swirl itself an ancient healing sea divine. 
“Claire Lotus” is a new original satin finish acrylic painting, done in spring 2015. She’s a daydreamy 20”x20” painted on a thicker profile canvas that really has a presence on a wall. The color way is lovely in this one, full of sea foam, sage and army greens and aqua, turquoise and teal, complimented with lovely yellows pinks and shades of dark blue. Lots of colors in this one! I love the up close detail if this painting so I have included lots of pics super up close because it looks so rich and beautiful, full of swirling intricacies and textures. She's quite serene!