What joy, what strength inside the bones of youth. A lion's brave claw of sight, the sun glows halos round you. Floating above the heather soft, royal as a dandelion is delicate, with sunsets wild inside your might. Stay high always above the wishes, child. 
This piece is called “Aslana, Dandelioness” It speaks a bit of childhood to me, and freedom. Its an original 18”x24” acrylic painting, with a satin finish, done on a thin profile canvas, with swirling paint drips and puddles round the edges, melting on the surrounding wall, that cover a good bit of the sides of this one. I love the airy feel of this piece and the way all the light hues and colors interact together. I always love it when the figures seem to fit in well with their surroundings and seem perfectly at home where they rest within the colors, its quite true of this piece. She has a perfectly simple face, surrounded with honeyed golden locks of hair. I love the detail of her sunset lips, her lion’s claw of an eye and the sweet bird in flight upon her pale cheek.